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Benefits of Our Fully Digital Quality Management System (QMS) Over Off-the-Shelf QMS

Let's dive into the remarkable benefits of implementing a fully digital Quality Management System (QMS) using Word documents, Adobe Signature, and cloud-based storage for startups and expanding companies. You'll be pleased to know that our approach is substantially more cost-effective than typical off-the-shelf QMS software, which can cost up to $30,000 in annual license fees, plus $15,000 more for support. Even better, our proposed system costs approximately half the burdened rate of a full-time employee earning $45 per hour. We also discuss how our solution gives you superior audit management control by allowing auditors to see only the specific sections of the QMS they request.

Small growth-phase companies, are often working with limited resources and continuously changing operational needs. This is why we're championing the adoption of a paperless QMS using Word documents and Adobe Signature. This approach is not only more cost-effective and flexible than an off-the-shelf QMS software potentially costing up to $45,000 per year, but also roughly half the cost of employing a full-time staff member at a burdened rate of $45 per hour.


Off-the-shelf QMS software can bring hefty costs, including an annual licensing fee of $30,000 and support charges of $15,000. In contrast, a paperless QMS using Word documents and Adobe Signature, supported by cloud-based storage, sidesteps these significant expenses, yielding substantial savings for startups and growing companies. Plus, this system is as cost-effective as employing a full-time staffer at a burdened rate of $45 per hour.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our paperless QMS provides greater flexibility and scalability than traditional off-the-shelf software. Digital files stored in cloud-based systems are accessible, easy to share, and organize, fostering collaboration and efficient document management. As your company grows, we can easily integrate more documents into your digital storage system.

Audit Management

One of the standout features of the paperless system is enhanced audit management. We can present auditors with printed copies of only the necessary documents, thus ensuring they have access solely to the requested sections of the QMS. This level of control isn't typically available with off-the-shelf     software, where auditors may browse the entire QMS.

Regulatory Compliance

Our paperless QMS aligns seamlessly with regulatory compliance requirements. Organizing, tracking, and auditing digital documents become simpler, enabling startups and small growth-phase companies like ours to effortlessly show compliance with regulatory standards.

Data Security and Accessibility

Cloud-based storage systems afford robust security measures, including encryption and access controls. We can set user permissions, ensuring only authorized personnel can access and modify documents. At the same time, centralized access to documents from anywhere promotes remote work and collaboration.

Environmental Considerations

We take pride in the fact that our paperless QMS significantly contributes to environmental sustainability. By reducing paper usage, we conserve natural resources, cut down waste generation, and decrease our carbon footprint.

Ease of Implementation and Training

Deploying a paperless QMS is simpler and faster than installing off-the-shelf QMS software. Our teams found it easier to adapt to Word processes and Adobe tools, thus reducing the need for extensive training.

Long-term Sustainability

We believe our paperless QMS, costing roughly half the burdened rate of a full-time employee earning $45 per hour, offers superior cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and scalability over off-the-shelf solutions. This approach equips us to establish robust quality processes and transition to more advanced solutions as we grow.

Tailored QMS Adoption

Not all aspects of the QMS are immediately necessary for companies who have yet to launch their first products, particularly those QMS aspects dealing with post-launch needs. Our system allows these businesses to adopt a "bootstrap" approach, enabling them to acquire only the modules necessary for the product lifecycle phase they are working on. This method contributes significantly to effective cash flow management by delaying purchases until product launch, thus further optimizing resources and expenditure.

For startups and growing companies, adopting a paperless QMS using Word documents and Adobe Signature is a significantly smarter and more efficient choice than expensive off-the-shelf software. This approach provides substantial savings, superior audit management control, enhanced data security, improved accessibility, enhanced cash flow management, and environmental sustainability.